Friday, August 31, 2012


Before taking my VCAP-DCD test at VMworld I got a few tips from Jason Boche who was thankfully in the VMware testing lounge area. It might help you: 
  • Go through the test and mark / flag all design questions for review without spending any time on them. Finish the multiple choice and many to many boxes-of-doom questions and save the design questions for last. 
  • For the long scenario multiple choice questions, see if you can answer the question from just the last line or last short paragraph without reading the whole thing. 
I'll add to those: 
  • Go through the quick demo of how the design questions work. It's not the same as the test but close enough to help you out. 
  • For the design questions, check to see what all your available components are before trying to start the project. 
  • Hammer out the main components and then move things around to start the design. I actually do this with visio as well..get all the main stencils on the page first. 

I met three people who had failed the test. It's a long test. Time management is crucial. Good luck.
I'll be taking the VCAP5-DCA next, thanks to the VMworld discount code from PearsonVue. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Die vRAM Die!

vRAM entitlements gone. Now shops that have intentionally purchased smaller memory servers this past year are grumbling. As are the shops that upgraded to Ent+ just to get the higher vRAM entitlement. 

Hopefully it's not too little too late. vRAM made shops wake up and look around at the rest of the competitors...and they can sing a sweet tune.

The Ent+ vCloud Suite upgrade path is like giving your partner flowers after you screwed up: A good idea, but maybe you shouldn't have had a reason to buy the flowers in the first place. 

How about some more trickle down features to Enterprise? I'm still waiting for my vDS.