Tuesday, September 18, 2012

vCSA upgrade from 5.0u1b to 5.1

First try on upgrading to the new 5.1 appliance and a big fail with a filled destination 5.1 vCSA root partition. (( Upgrade that worked here ))

If you have configured remote syslog on your source appliance, this routes to a /new directory on the destination appliance during the upgrade (not /storage/log). Unlucky for us, VMware choose not to have this /new directory with it's own mount point.

My work around is to create a new 20G drive and mount to /new before starting.

Oh, and take a snapshot BEFORE importing/swapping keys between source and destination vCSAs..

I'll update if I come across any other gotchas.

I've pinged VMware's kb with this, hopefully they'll get something up quickly. As for me...to last night's backup I go. Good thing this isn't production. 


  1. There's probably a way to clear the keys without heading to backup but I'm done futzing with this today.

  2. To clean keys, just click Cancel on the Upgrade tab on the old appliance.