Saturday, November 10, 2012

vCSA upgrade from 5.0u1b to 5.1a Part II

First time running VMware's vCenter Server Appliance upgrade, it failed miserably because my vCSA was a rsyslog location (initial failure here).

So I waited a bit to try again, and hey look, there's an "a" update to vCenter 5.1 for upgrade bugs!

Here's my basic steps so that I didn't fail again in the upgrade:
  • Stop rsyslog from hosts
  • rm -rf on the contents of /opt/vmware/var/log/remote 
    • Obviously you could copy them to another system if you needed to keep them around, lucky for me this is a dev environment.
  • Export your permission set unless you just let anyone get into your vCSA..
  • Grab new appliance ova, install and set for another IP in the same subnet as the 5.0 appliance 
  • Start up and go through the key exchange under the "upgrade" choice on the 5.1 appliance
  • Because of my previous dumping of tasks/events/history the upgrade took just a few minutes
  • The source 5.0 appliance is powered down and the 5.1 appliance takes over the IP of the original (the root password was duplicated as well, that was nice). I think it rebooted as well. 
  • I needed to reauth to the AD domain (removed old computer account, add this one)
  • My AD permissions were not copied over in the transfer, blank slate with only root access to anything. 
  • I needed to poke Active Directory LDAP settings  to be able to get SSO working and then I could import the custom permission sets and AD groups back into the appliance. 
Whew. Better than last time? Maybe. The fact that the vCSA is *still* a linux VM without NTP running but connected to AD is a big miff for me. I'll save that for the other post I'm dreaming up..

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