Saturday, April 27, 2013

5.1u1 rant. Too much fail in readme

5.1U1 might not work if you're attached to lots of AD groups, so use Windows passthrough 
Oh, sorry. I'll do that now... Oh wait.
I can't login with Windows passthough because of SSO config issues. NetBIOS? REALLY?
Or maybe my login issue is that SSO seems to be only hanging onto to UUID and not the username so when my account was deleted I get locked out.
Or I use the vCSA and it doesn't allow Windows passthrough (<--see comment for KB fix).
Or I (some would say correctly) setup a SSO load balanced HA configuration, and it doesn't allow windows passthrough either. ARG.

I've been reading the upgrade readmes from VMware for years now and none of them seem to have as much fail as this one. No Windows Auth anymore for SQL Server? What? 
That's ok I guess, since I couldn't install the schema in the first place.

So many of the issues, work arounds or otherwise identified issues have to do with special characters and non-English strings. Why is there no standard lib for those crazy double quotes in passwords? Really!?!

Who the hell is coding this? I've been to VMware HQ...which building basement houses those monkeys?

Enjoy. It would make for a good drinking game whenever SSO, special characters or database issues are mentioned. Please, not all three at'll get alcohol poisoning.


  1. Fixing the windows session credentials with vCSA:

    It's as if VMware people were reading my little blog...

  2. Changes in 5.5 shows that VMware realizes that they had some stupid code to begin with. Sometimes it's good to skip the Vista release.