Friday, June 14, 2013

root cause analysis log hunting

I was asked to unravel the all-to-common filled datastore and the response from the local IT staff that ultimately made the company pull a critical server from backup (the actions of the local IT staff that is).

My problem? "Task: Delete file" from the datastore browser.
What file?

Looks like the verbose and trivia[l] vpxa.log would have this information ...but... the logs I have don't go quite far enough back. vpxa is CHATTY. Search the log for nfc.

Now, I was almost lucky in this case because the datastore was only used by two hosts. In a larger environment, which ESXi log would have this info? Hopefully whichever host the guest was associated with, but again.. unraveling what host a guest was on at a particular point could be time consuming.

Hopefully I have better luck next time and the client asks for this analysis closer to when it happened!

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